Souper-conférence le 17 mars 2015

A novel, pure silver antimicrobial with highly porous and micro-sized particles.


par Karl Richter, President of RFH BioTek Inc.

Silver is well-known for its broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy. The antimicrobial mode of action of silver is well known and is attributed to silver ions. There are numerous forms of silver including silver salts, silver zeolites, silver glass ceramics, nanosilver / colloidal silver suspensions and more recently a pure silver additive consisting of highly porous and micronized silver particles. Although each silver technology relies on silver ions the delivery system, antimicrobial sustainability, effectiveness and safety of each technology varies greatly. In cosmetics, skincare and oral care applications there are several key advantages of using a pure silver additive that consists of large micronized and porous silver particles.

The presentation will involve an overview of:

  • silver additives
  • the antimicrobial mode of action of silver
  • The advantages of using a pure silver additive with micronized and porous silver particles: no skin penetration, no negative impact on skin flora, long-lasting antimicrobial action on top of the skin, natural product preservation, color stability
  • efficacy studies : acne, dermatitis, skin recovery after skincare treatments, toothpaste, wound care
  • preservative effects
  • discussion on skin flora

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